Creating Stunning Food Photography

Cherokee Purple.jpg

When someone is going out to eat, what do they usually do? They might check out some local restaurants on Google or Yelp. A few beautifully lit photos of well constructed plates can make someone say "Mm, This is where I want to eat tonight!" Restaurants, cafes, caterers, event venues, local farms, and more will benefit from stunning food photography on their website. This is one instance where DIY is not going to cut it!  

So how do we achieve the look?

  • Soft Lighting

Beautiful lighting is the only way to produce truly pleasing food photographs. The light should be even and soft, showcasing all the beautiful natural elements to any dish. In comparison, harsh lighting with lots of shadows (like ceiling lights) takes away from the beauty in food. 

  • Abstract, Organic Shapes

Focusing on the strengths in each dish or product can help you create a work of art. Plating decisions are important, such as the shape and color of the plate or bowl, the way the food is arranged, and the garnishing elements to create a finished look. This gives the photographer something to work with to reflect the attitude of the dish.

  • Color and Contrast

Color is of high importance! Some dishes are monotone, others use complementary colors or a triad of colors to increase attractiveness to the customer. We want to play this up in a photograph, and an intentional use of colors can immediately attract someone to a dish.

  • Shallow Depth of Field

We want to minimize distractions for the viewer so they can really focus on the food. Using a shallow depth of field, with an ethereal blurred background, will allow you to direct the viewers attention to the most important part of the image - the food!


With these techniques, you'll be on your way to displaying the very best in your product! 


Let's get collaborating.