Nicole Capobianco Photography & Design takes pride in professional courtesy and manners. Clients agree to behave through all communications in a professional, courteous, and respectful manner towards staff. Any disrespectful abusive, or unprofessional behavior on the part of clients may result in the cancellation of the project.



A gallery of edited images will be sent to you within one week after your shoot. Unless deemed a special circumstance, unedited images will not be given. This ensures that all of Nicole Capobianco photography maintains the photographic integrity of the creator. Out of courtesy for scheduling, please notify me within 48 hrs of your scheduled shoot if you will not be able to make it. Editing outside of standard retouching will be charged separately and additionally. Please ask for a quote. session fee covers my time and talent and is non-refundable. A 50% deposit should be provided at the shoot with the rest of payment made upon completion. If required to travel, client is responsible for all travel costs associated with the project.


graphic design

Client holds the exclusive rights to the graphic design chosen. All graphics including logos are 100% custom. Nicole Capobianco Photography & Design does not file a trademark application with respect ot the logo designed for its client. The client is free to register as a trademark the logo design created. Nicole Capobianco Photography and Design will take appropriate precautions to safeguard its servers and data contained within, however, it will not be held responsible for any loss of client data stored or intended to be stored on the servers and back up devices. It is recommended that the client also take steps to back up their materials.


web design

Web designs are custom created and exclusive to each business. Designs are of its own creation and are not copied from existing designs or trademarks. All personal and/or business information we receive remains private. We do not give away, sell, or reuse your information. Nicole Capobianco Photography and Design may discontinue services if an amount payable is overdue by 7 days. The client remains liable for the total cost of the contract.