Finding the Best Hashtags for Business

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Navigating social media successfully takes time and effort. So where do we begin?! These are some helpful strategies to maximize your hashtag reach. 

  • Research

Spend time on the particular platform(s) you are targeting, and get acquainted with your industries most popular hashtags. Check influencers, competitors, and other niche brands that relate to your work . What are they using to connect with their audience and how can you make your own content relevant? 

  • Get Specific

It's harder to gain visibility on hugely popular hashtags. You're looking for the right balance between reaching a wide audience and not getting overrun in the shuffle of constant new posts. Instagram only allows for 30 hashtags per post, so you'll want to prioritize the most influential ones for your brand. 

  • Use A Generator

Generators can give you lots of ideas you might not have come up with on your own. Take the best ones and work them into your own research-based list. 

Seek Metrics is one of my favorites. 

  • Keep Hashtag Lists Saved

Keeping a hashtag list saved in the notes app on your phone makes copy & pasting into your social media easier. This way you can keep different arrangements, groupings, specific hashtag lists, or most successful hashtags saved for later. 

  • Apply Hashtags Discreetly

Hashtags, especially when grouped together, look messy on your post. Unless you're integrating a few hashtags into your description, make sure to keep hashtags in the comments section or well below your description text. This keeps your page looking clean and professional while still applying the maximum hashtags available.

  • Use A Social Media Management Platform

Keep your posts under your best hashtags on a constant stream in order to gain influence and followers. Your audience will appreciate the consistency of your content and you are more likely to become a top post through this strategy. One of my favorite social tools for business is Hootsuite.  


I hope these strategies can help you utilize social media to your best advantage. Managing how we share our creative work can help us connect with more people than we imagined!


Social media management help is on the way.