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Content Management

A number of template based approaches can be utilized to create your site and give you 24/7 access to editing and content management. These sites also help with the ease to managing your e-commerce, making it easy to communicate with the designer to add products or other changes. We use cutting edge content management technology to keep your website ahead of the curve of technological innovation.  

Responsive Design

In the age of mobile, it is essential that new websites be compatible with all kinds of screen resolutions and page widths. Now we can make sites more flexible than ever before. Images can automatically adjust, page content easily slides into narrower space, and mobile menus appear when being viewed on appropriate touch screen devices. Responsive design is utilized to make sure your website is flawless on any device!



Search Engine Optimization

You want to maximize the visitors to your site to gain more industry influence and  future customers. Search engine optimization packages are available to take your site to the next level of engagement with your target audiences. Strategies include organic marketing through the use of relevant content, proper titling for search engines, social media set up, and advertising opportunities. 

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NY Based Design Studio


Lifestyle Design Firm

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