Summer Photography Inspiration

With August here, we are now at the height of the summer, enjoying all it has to offer us. I take so much visual inspiration from natural palettes and textures, and incorporate them into my work often. Here are some of my favorite summer photographs!

  • Misquamicut Horizon

The teal water in this piece always stands out to me! I love that the leaves are just approaching the horizon line. Anytime I can achieve this level of organization in a photograph, I'm happy.

  • Shoreline Pebbles

There is so much movement in this one. I can feel the water trickling underneath my feet again. The refracting light is making this turtle shell pattern on the stones that really intrigues me!

  • Splashing in the Cove

This is such a summer moment. I can feel the nostalgia, I can smell the salt in my hair again and hear the waves crashing along the shoreline! Black and white focuses this one, and makes it soft.


Think these could look beautiful on your walls?

Nicole Capobianco