Creating An Impactful Logo Design

Customers perceive your brand in just a moment's time when they view your logo. There's probably so much you want to say about your business with this symbol! The creative process can be endless - so I've created a guideline to help you remember what's important. 

  • Keep It Simple

Clear shapes, clean lines, and dynamic font are all qualities of a strong logo. Don't overcomplicate it with confusing signs and symbols. Legibility and recognizability are characteristics you want to focus on. Take this time to think about who you are. How do you stand out? 

  • Don't Insult Your Audience

Trust that the public will 'get' you! You don't need signs or symbols that directly represent your brand in your logo. More often than not, you end up beating us over the head! Lead us in to your brand, but keep us wanting more!

  • Make It Relevant

You don't need symbolic representations of your brand but you DO want visual suggestions that complement it. Use font, weight, and color to achieve the mood and style you wish to achieve. This is a time to think about the themes your brand reflects and how to incorporate them into your brand identity. 

  • Versatility Is Key

Once you have a logo you'll want to put it on everything! You should have that capability. From small squares, to large panoramic banners, you'll want a logo that has the flexibility for several orientations. Ideally, your logo brand package includes secondary branding icons.

  • Match Form and Function

Make sure everything you see has a motivated purpose. If it's irrelevant it HAS to go! Any signs or symbols you want to incorporate into your design must be useful and convey your message quickly.


There you have it! These key elements will have you on your way to creating an impactful logo design that will be the centerpiece of your branding for years to come! 

Still Need Some Help?

Nicole Capobianco