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Fertility awareness is a secular, scientific method of determining the small window in which a person is fertile each month.

It involves charting daily diagnostic changes to the body, which gives us a window into our overall health.

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  • Do you want to get closer to your menstrual cycle?

  • Are you frustrated with birth control side effects & need a change?

  • Are you planning to, or currently trying to get pregnant?

  • Are you having trouble managing PCOS, or other reproductive health issues?

  • Is your doctor dismissing your reproductive health needs and you need some support?

All of these questions can be addressed by charting with fertility awareness.


Fertility Support Services

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FAM Action Plan Session

Spend an hour with me going over your reproductive health history, and exploring your interest in fertility awareness. Ask questions and see if this method is a viable option for you before jumping in to a program. You'll always leave the session with resources to begin your healing process, and a solid action plan.


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Contraception Program

Spend 10 weeks with me gaining confidence in managing your reproductive life utilizing fertility awareness for contraception. This program will give you definitive tools for utilizing natural birth control that is safe, reliable, and sexually satisfying. Mastering charting will give you a new sense of power.

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Conception Program

Spend 10 weeks with me learning about the fertility awareness skills best deployed to conceive naturally. Knowing how to utilize FAM for identifying ovulation is an invaluable tool for getting pregnant. We'll also identify any preexisting conditions in your chart so you can be at your healthiest during your pregnancy.

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Wellness Program

Spend 10 weeks with me learning about how the fertility awareness method can give you insight into your health issues. Different aspects of the chart can tell us about where you are struggling and how we can best devise a strategy to gently encourage the body to heal. Before resorting to interventions, explore what FAM can do for you.


What You'll Learn

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  • Learn the basics of the menstrual cycle and the 3 main diagnostic fertility signs

  • Learn how to chart your cycle and how to interpret your own unique data

  • Obtain the facts about utilizing fertility awareness for effective contraception, natural conception, and for managing reproductive health issues

  • You don't need a perfectly regular cycle to practice this method effectively

  • Talk with someone who has practiced the method successfully for years with a partner

  • Discover how fertility awareness can help you learn body literacy and seek insight into your overall health and wellness



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Nicole Capobianco is a fertility awareness educator. She discovered the method after suffering deep psychological and physical impacts of conventional birth control. Learning that many others had also been dismissed by their doctors about these issues, she began charting her fertility with her partner. She also began blogging her experiences, and now teaches menstrual cycle awareness as well as providing private consultation for those interested in learning the fertility awareness method.

All consultations are confidential.
This is a trans, queer, and gender nonconforming safe space.
All menstruators are welcome.

This Content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your primary care physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.